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Gallica PDF Gellius. A skeptical philosophical treatise against all arts, sciences and techniques. De die natali Bologna, Benedictus Hector, [and] Venice, ca. Written in A. Editio princeps, edited by Antonius Laurus The first English translation : a questionable one after his Doct. Scribd PDF Bram. Compilation by several authors during the first three centuries AD. Another edition by David Pingree : Leipzig, Teubner, , 2 vols. The edition gives the Greek text and a Latin translation of Proclus commentary of the Tetrabiblos, Porphyry comments on Ptolemy's astrology, and the De revolutionibus nativitatum of "Hermes".

Internet archive PDF Mensibus. Lydus Greek text on divination and presages is edited with Greek calendars including Ptolemy's 'Apparitions of the Fixed Stars'. Internet archive PDF Lydus. Google PNG Rhetorius. These chapters of "L'astrologie grecque" have been separately published in in the "Revue d'Histoire des Religions" and in the "Revue Historique". The first edition of the most famous essay on Greek astrology. Putnam's Sons, Astrology as astrolatry : sociologically oriented but not really comprehensive. Scribd JPG Laistner. A rather good review of the subject : "Hellenistic and Late Antiquity astrologers built their craft upon Babylonian and to a lesser extent Egyptian astrological traditions, and developed their theoretical and technical doctrines using a combination of Stoic, Middle Platonic and Neopythagorean thought.

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HTML Lawrence. Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology? Astrozero PDF Mitchell. I Paranatellonta nella letteratura astrologica antica di lingua greca [The Paranatellonta in ancient Greek astrological literature] Genova, ; English translation, A concise history of the Paranatellonta the stars rising together in Greek literature Teukros, Valens, etc.

The earliest known astrological text in Sanskrit AD : a translation by a Yavanesvara "Lord of the Greeks" in AD, of a Greek text that might have been written ca. Sanskrit compilation of Greek astrology.

Astronomy and natural astrology. Chidambaram Iyer, Madras, Foster Press, Published without original texts in Devanagari and transliteration. A chief treatise of Jyotish Astrology.

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General manual beginning with the distinction between Razis zodiacal signs and Bhavas houses. Gallica PDF Thibaut. Jewish Pagan converted to Islam. Technical manual. With a preface by Joachim Heller to his tutor Philipp Melanchthon. Opera Zahelica Introductorium, Quinquaginta precepta, De interrogationibus, De electionibus, Liber temporum [or] De significatione temporis ad judicia Venice, Petrus Liechtenstein, [and] Venice, heirs of Octavius Scoti, [and?

Astrorum judices [aut Liber], de pluviis, imbribus et ventis, ac aeris mutatione Venice, Petrus Liechtenstien, Translated by Salio or Solomon of Padua, c. Short treatise related to the interpretation of the revolution of the year Spring equinox Ingress chart.

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De magnis conjunctionibus, annorum revolutionibus, ac eorum profectionibus Augsburg, Erhard Ratdolt, On the great conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn and other mundane operators : the chief work of the most influential Arabic astrologer. Gallica PDF Conjunctionibus. De magnis conjunctionibus, annorum revolutionibus, ac eorum profectionibus Venice, Iacobus Pentius Giacomo Penzio de Leucho for Melchiorre Sessa, Latin translation by Hermann of Carinthia or Dalmatia c.

Collection of aphorisms, and some pages on planetary hours, and on triplicities. Google PDF Arcandam. First known Latin editions in Bologna , Venice and Venice.

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Astronomie judiciarie principia tractans cum Ioannis Saxonii commentario [c. A best-seller of Arabian astrology, published with commentary by the Parisian astronomer Jean Danko de Saxe, and a small treatise of infirmities by Pierre Turrel, the "Tractaculus infirmitatum". First attestation of the oldest part of this ritualist text, partially astrological : 10th century. Edward Sachau, London, William Allen, Famous compilation covering the four main branches of Medieval astrology interrogations, nativities, elections, revolutions.

Liber novem judicum in judiciis astrorum [c.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

On interpretation of nativities. Peeters, Google PNG Kennedy. Internet version of the doctoral thesis of Lester Ness. Doctoral thesis on the theory of the great conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn, especially in Zoroastrian Sassanid and Arabic astrologies. Google PNG Bladel. Migne, Patrologia Latina, Paris, Garnier, Google PDF Alcuin.

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Gallica PDF Eginhard. Medical treatise including a neo-astrological schema : the influence of the Moon after one of the thirty days of the month at the conception moment see p.

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A pro vs anti-astrological controversy in an Orthodox theological context : a defence of astrology by Byzantine emperor Manuel I Komnenos, and the opportunist refutation of the theologian Michael Glycas. Spanish translation of "De proprietatibus rerum" written in c. Speculum astronomiae [Liber de duabus sapientiis et de recapitulatione omnium librorum astronomi a e] [Nuremberg, Hochfeder, ca. A defense of the true astrology. Two partial copies on Google Books. Tabulae astronomicae numeris arabicis belle scriptae ms.

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Popular compilation of aphorisms from Arabic sources by Stefano Protonotaro da Messina, c. After French manuscript , BnF.

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De astrorum scientia [or] Compilatio de astrorum scientia Augsburg, Erhard Ratdolt, In ten books. Tractatus astronomie [or] Liber astronomicus [or] De Astronomia ed. Compotus cum commento [Basel, Lienhart Ysenhut, ca. L'Acerba de l'ordine di Cieli con el commento novamente trovato First edition : Brescia c. Cecco was condemned by the Inquisition and burned in Florence.

Gallica PDF Cecco. The Lives of Philosophers by the 14th c. Paul Meyer, in Romania, n. Gallica PDF Meyer. Opusculum repertorii pronosticon in mutationes aeris tam via astrologica quam metheorologica Venice, Erhard Ratdolt de Augusta, Nice edition, printed with a "Libellus de medicorum astrologia" of a Pseudo-Hippocrates, identified as Imbrasius Ephesius by Hillard, and translated by Pietro de Abano. Levi Ben Gerson's Prognostication for the Conjunction of ed. Google PNG Gerson. Summa astrologiae judicialis de accidentibus mundi quae anglicana vulgo nuncupatur [] ; ed.

Mainly mundane and meteorological astrology. The first British astrologer, professor at Oxford, rejected the electional and horary astrologies which made the fortune of the English school three centuries later. Miscellany with various astronomical, calendrical, medical, and philosophical texts England, 14th century : British Library: Harley MS , ff.

Latin and British manuscript with astrological diagrams, wheel charts and a bloodletting zodiac man ff. Treatise on the Astrolabe ed. Walter W. Skeat , London, Oxford University Press, [and edition of ].